Nike CEO U Lacrosse Head

This is the Nike CEO U lacrosse head, new for the 2011 season. South Swell Sports is kind enough to give us a sneak peak at the new head from Nike.

South Swell Sports states the CEO:
Seems to borrow some DNA from previous Nike heads like last season’s Lakota and 2008's entry, the Dunk. Its super stiff with a nice center of gravity and the sidewalls are set for a great natural mid pocket.

The Nike CEO Men's Lacrosse head is the most pinched universal head in the Nike line, designed for an elite attackmen who is looking to add a new advantage in their game.

With a bottom rail designed for a mid-pocket placement, the Nike CEO lacrosse head will be a best seller in no time.
Available in May 2011, make sure to pre-order it at South Swell Sports to get it first.
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