New Website Will Custom Chrome Any Lacrosse Head

In the United States, lacrosse during the 1900's had primarily been a regional sport centered in and around the east coast. In the last decade the sports popularity has been rapidly growing nationwide, with particular development in the southeast, midwest, and west. With the growth in popularity, players have been looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. There is a new website that will allow players to create a custom chrome lacrosse head, or stick to suit their personal tastes. can chrome any lacrosse head in many different standard and custom blended colors and even duplicate polished gold, copper, bronze and brass finishes. Multi-colored chrome fades are available as well. Send them your head of choice, and they will create a chrome lacrosse head to your specifications.

This finish is not a spray paint or vacuum metalizing. This finish is the combination of special catalyzed base coatings; a silver metal deposition (similar to the material used in mirrors) and a protective acrylic urethane top coat (similar to the industrial clear coat on your car). The combined layers result in a durable non peeling coating that will not flake or yellow. Yes, the finished surface will accept conventional paints to enable striping, accenting with graphics or airbrushing.

This coating process is professionally hand applied by their master technicians in a very clean environment. Since this process results in a mirror-like finish, all imperfections that are silvered or "chromed" will be visible in the finished piece. Imperfections in the substrate can be eliminated with various preparation techniques including filling, sanding and sealing as necessary.

Please note that Chromelax is not a seller of lacrosse equipment. Their service is a proprietary custom chrome application to lacrosse equipment sent to them. Items displayed on their website are for visual reference of their chrome finishes. They are not selling the actual item displayed.

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