Most Popular Lacrosse Playground Stories of 2012

Most Popular Lacrosse Playground Stories of 2012

I'm still standing. The world didn't end. Thank you Larry! In hindsight, 2012 has been amazing. We witnessed Loyola (how about Lehigh, right?) dominate all year in NCAA action, we saw a transformation of lacrosse equipment, accessories, and apparel. There is much more to come. Early recruitment carousel, continued reaction to rule changes, and more. Please revel in our most popular posts from 2012.

The Unveiling of University of Maryland Cleats

On February 17, Lacrosse Playground broke the story on Maryland's new lacrosse cleats. Under Armour made custom cleats for the Men’s Lacrosse team called Team Highlight Speed Cleats. These custom cleats are for Maryland only and feature the iconic Maryland state flag wrapped around the body of the cleat in a Black and White colorway. The bottom of the cleat is prominently colored Maryland Gold with molded spikes. For the most part, people did not like them AT ALL.

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Vicious Lacrosse Swing To Head Video

In the middle of a Community College game in Upstate New York, a guy loses his temper and wants to go to battle with an opposing player. People had mixed feelings on this one.

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Is This the Best U13 Player in the World?

One Adrenaline Coach said:

No one at Adrenaline has ever seen a 7th grader utilize a move like this at this age…nor have we ever seen anyone, at any age, do it this FLUID.

Many agreed with that statement!

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Game Photos: UNC Fights for Win in New Uniforms, Lacrosse Fight

A fight erupted in the final minute of Maryland’s match with North Carolina. One Hardshell became overcome with emotion due to a Tar Heel delivering cheap shots earlier in the game. UNC also unveiled all Black unis for the first time this season. View more Game Photos.

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Easton Lacrosse Unveils New Helmet and Gloves at Lake Placid Lacrosse Classic

August 3rd, when the Powells step onto a field, everyone hears about it. We got word that Casey and Mike Powell would be suiting up for team Burnt Orange (Syracuse alumni) at the Lake Placid Lacrosse Classic, so we sent an intern up to New York. The Powells wore new Easton helmets. The Advanced Concept helmet is revolutionary. The helmet features enrooted chinstraps to eliminate the buckles coming undone from a slash. In addition, which is the coolest feature about the product, the helmet is fully adjustable on the back panel and can be taken off by extending the middle cabin on the helmet.

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Game Photos: Maryland Men’s Lacrosse Silences the Hopkins Band, 9-6

On April 15th, we uploaded photos from the Maryland/Hopkins game. A dominating defensive performance and four goals from junior Owen Blye propelled the No. 10 Maryland men’s lacrosse team to a 9-6 victory over No. 3 Johns Hopkins in the 108th meeting of Lacrosse’s Greatest Rivalry Saturday evening in front of a sold-out crowd at Homewood Field. Both teams wore amazing uniforms. Hopkins -- Old School. Maryland -- New School.

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Grip ‘N Rip: Charlotte Hounds Billy Bitter

With over 78,000 YouTube views this article makes the list. We interview the best athletes as part of our “Grip ‘N Rip” series, where we’ll find out what the best use to fine tune their game. This day we featured Charlotte Hound and former UNC All-American, Billy Bitter. The Maverik Athlete plays with a Spider head, but how it’s strung may surprise you.

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What Boys Can Learn From Girls’ Lacrosse

A men’s lacrosse game may attract larger crowds but listen up, boys– there is a lot that can be learned from girls’ lacrosse and by no means should the female version of the game be ignored or downplayed. In one of the most commented posts of the year, many people expressed their opinions.

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Jake Seau

Junior's son, Jake, popped onto the scene strong this Summer. The Duke commit had everyone talking. Even drawing comparisons to Paul Rabil.

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Kate Upton Gets Wet for GQ Spread

June 19th was the day a lot of men's dreams came true. Kate Upton posing in a pool, YOWZA! It was no surprise that this had one of the longest time spent on page at 3:01:22.

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The Best Celebration You Will Ever See by a Yale Lacrosse Recruit

A Yale recruit, who balls for Hotchkiss, scored an epic dip-n-dunk goal, and proceeded to saw the adjacent field goal post.

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