Most Intimidating NLL Goalies by Gear

Most Intimidating NLL Goalies by Gear

Unlike their field counterparts, NLL goalies have a chance to customize their look thanks to a choice of helmet style, custom gloves, and custom leg guards. We sorted through every NLL team to rank the goalies we'd least like to face based on their protective equipment.

Bare minimums:

Custom hockey style helmet

Team color gloves (non-white)

Team color leg guards (non-white)

Honorable Mention - Saskatchewan Rush Adam Shute's helmet

What a fun, slimy green DNA pattern.

Honorable Mention - Buffalo Bandits Matt Vinc's helmet

Loaded with personalization.

Love to know the story behind each piece of flair.

#3 Frank Scigliano - San Diego Seals

Scigliano is listed at 6'4" 275s so he could probably intimidate shooters if he wasn't wearing equipment.

Custom goalie helmet...check.

Would have loved to see leg guards in all purple or black to better match the team colors.

We made an exception because of the purple leg trim on the leg guards and the gloves are so delightful.

#2 Nick Damude - Panther City

Custom goalie helmet...check.

Leg guards Scigliano should have gotten.

Almost all purple gloves. Be still our monochromatic unique color gloves heart.

#1 Zach Higgins Philadelphia Wings

Custom goalie helmet...check.

Absolutely one of a kind Gait goalie gloves due to the color scheme.

Insanely custom black, red, and gold leg guards.

Full disclosure, it is really difficult to find clear images of netminders on Instagram. If your favorite goalie didn't show up on the list, that's exactly why. Blame the team's social media folks for not sharing a full photo of their goalie.

Several years ago, right before box lacrosse was adopted by the majority of youth clubs, we were coaching in a tournament against a team with a goalie who took up the entire net. Literally. His shoulder pads were huge and he was using the triangle goalie head. When he got into his stance, the net disappeared. It was demoralizing for kids.

Out of curiosity we asked the coaches were they found the goalie's chest protector and shoulder pads. They said it was the biggest on the market. In other words, they had purchased equipment that didn't fit their goalie but gave them the best chance of winning.  

So that was brutal.

Any other coaches competing against goalies rocking the triangle goalie head? You might as well have the goalie sew fabric between his legs.

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