Mint Mesh Review

The guys over at Mint Mesh challenged me to try a piece of their two-color candy cane pattern as well as a piece of their Mintaflague design (a type of digi-camo). The color lines are clean with no bleed and overall look fantastic as soon as you see them and even better when they're strung-up. They also have single colors available as well as multi-colored fades.


The first thing that I noticed when taking a piece of mesh out of the package isthe smell. As it's name says, when I took the piece of Mint Mesh out of the package it smelled like mint. Although this is a bit of a novelty "feature" of the mesh, it's cool and the only mesh on the market to play on the senses like that.


For this review, I strung up the piece of candy cane patterned Mint Mesh in my box-pinched Reebok 9k head. The pocket I put in it was a mid-to-mid-low with low whip. I used Jimalax strings and striker shooters, which matched well with the mesh.


I would say Mint Mesh has more of a semi-hard feel to it, which will help you get a consistent shot.  The mesh also has a good texture to it, so even though its semi-hard, you still get some hold as the texture of the mesh grips onto the ball.  The pocket also keeps it's shape with Mint Mesh and it stays consistent, which is an advantage of semi-hard over semi-soft (but that's personal preference).  Like other waxed meshes, Mint Mesh is waterproof, so you don't have to worry about your pocket when using it in rain or snow, as it wicks off any moisture.


Overall, Mint Mesh is an above-average waxed mesh and I recommend it for someone who likes waxed mesh and is looking for some amazing designs on their mesh.
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