Minnesota Duluth Gloves for Sale for a Cause

We learned of a worthy cause from our friends at 412 about a state trooper with very close ties to the Duluth lacrosse program who is facing steep medical bills after her worker’s compensation was canceled following an accident.

During an October snow storm, the trooper was a first responder to a car accident and while she was assisting the victims, an oncoming car lost control of their vehicle and collided with the trooper’s car which in turn hit her.

The extent of her injuries have unexpectedly lengthened the recovery process despite her worker’s compensation being cut off.

The trooper is also struggling to help her mother who is battling cancer.

This state trooper served as a mentor to a former Duluth lacrosse player who has since become a state trooper himself. Now, Duluth is hoping to give something back to this woman who has been so active in her community. One way you can contribute to this noble cause is to bid on ebay for a pair of Duluth lacrosse gloves. The gloves are White 2010 King IIs from Brine with a nice bulldog embroidered on the cuff.

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