Mike Powell is Back, Parkour Stick Trick Video

Mike Powell is Back, Parkour Stick Trick Video

Mike Powell is one of the most decorated lacrosse players in NCAA history in the last decade. A four-time First Team All-American at Syracuse University, Powell is the only player to win the Jack Turnbull Award as the top attackman in Division I lacrosse four consecutive times. Powell was also a four-time finalist for the Tewaaraton Trophy, the lacrosse equivalent of the Heisman Trophy, and is the only player to win the award twice. He led Syracuse to two national championships and holds the school record for most career points.

After a brief stint in the Major League Lacrosse circuit, Powell decided to take his talents on the road to tour with his band. Imagine Michael Jordan at the top of his game deciding to "retire" to play music. After a return from his hiatus, Powell was spotted at several lacrosse events in the last few months. Today, he has finally announced he's back!

It has been exactly three months to the day since Easton Lacrosse announced the signing of Casey Powell, Brett Queener and Michael Evans to multi-year endorsement contracts. The players have been involved in developing new products for the company and creating exclusive content for EastonLacrosse.com, as well as participating in camps, clinics and other events for Easton. The three have been extremely instrumental in growing the brand and its products, but now they will have a little more help from a familiar legend.

Mike Powell, one of Casey's younger brothers, has joined the team. Usually, two Powells on any team is a good thing. Mike joining Casey and company, however, is a great thing. Mike's view about the game of lacrosse strikes a chord because of the spiritual aspect he pours back into the sport. Listening to Mike talk about the game's roots, one gets a sense of what you should feel when you play lacrosse. And he makes everyone around him a better person for it.

Along with the news of Mike joining the team, Easton also released moving and inspiring videos featuring the legend. The first up is a followup to their mysterious video earlier in the week. The subsequent one places Mike in a "North Country Landscape." The final and third will blow your mind. Easton and Mike just took lacrosse to a whole new level.

Lacrosse and art have gone hand in hand for centuries. An emotional voice over, with spiritual aim, carries the viewer through the North Country landscape and onto the wall of a dirty warehouse. Combining shots of forever fields and raging waterfalls with footage of MP hand painting portions of his statement, this piece goes beyond the surface and reaches for the athletes inner game.

MP visits an abandoned concrete manufacturing plant in Jamesville, NY with a camera, a stick, and a ball. A lacrosse/parkour hybrid video that blends "never before seen" stick tricks and physical maneuvers set against a distressed factory backdrop. Fast paced editing and driving roots music takes the viewer on an original ride that demonstrates the unmatchable creativity of the game and brings lacrosse to a new place. Truly, the first video of its kind.

We'll keep you in the loop as we go on this magical Easton ride throughout the 2012 season. The videos were created by Verdict Photography.


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