Messiah College Lax Swag 2011

Messiah college is a liberal arts, non-denominational christian college located in Grantham, PA near Harrisburg. They play in the MAC conference against FDU, Widener, Elizabethtown, Eastern, etc... After a few seasons of rocking high school uniforms at best their coach finally opened his eyes up to the stylish Nike rugby striped uniforms. The uniforms were made by Kelly's Sports.

UPDATE: Brine King III gloves

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My name is Alexandria Andrews, I go to Oakland University where I’m a psychology major planning on continuing to go to Law School to become a family Lawyer. I will be your FIRST girl to post on Lacrosse Playground and I was BroBibles girl to bring home for Thanksgiving. I am a huge fan of lacrosse players, drinking, hockey, and Tom Petty.

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