Meet Karmada Lacrosse

Meet Karmada Lacrosse

Karmada is a small Seattle-based lacrosse company that prides itself on providing better shafts while making a difference in the community. Karmada only use True Temper's highest performing composite technology. Karmada shafts test out at more than 3 times the strength of titanium shafts and weigh less. Karmada also offers an 18 month warranty & "love it or leave it" guarantee... if you don't love it, they'll give you your money back.

For every shaft sold, Karmada loans $10 through Kiva to help someone start or grow their own business to provide for their family. Their first loan went to a young woman in Rwanda, to help grow her small clothing business.
Karmada explains:

Most people struggling with poverty just need an opportunity to succeed. With Kiva, we can give them that opportunity by loaning them money to start or grow a business of their own, giving them something to take pride in and provide for their family without the continued assistance of others.

Learn more about Kiva by clicking HERE. Karmada also offers a generous affiliate program paying 10% commission on all sales, so you guys can generate cash just by spreading the word.

Stay tuned for more info on Karmada Lacrosse in the near future. For now, view more images of their shafts below.

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