Medicine Man Lacrosse: Share the Experience

Medicine Man Lacrosse: Share the Experience

As promised by the Medicine Man brand philosophy of donating 15% of lacrosse clothing sales to Native American programs, Medicine Man Lacrosse is proud to announce the purchase of 15 lacrosse sticks for the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation.

October 11th, 2012 marked the first lacrosse clinic at the Umatilla Indian Reservation. Presented by Rick Roy of Nadsitzaga Lacrosse and Cam Bomberry of Iroquois Lacrosse, the event was a joyous occasion where children of all ages came together to learn the game. Additional support provided by Bigfoot Lacrosse, Swift Lacrosse, OYLA and the Lincoln Lacrosse Club.

The Confederated tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation are made up of the Cayuse, Umatilla and the Walla Walla people. Residing in the area known as Northeastern Oregon/Southeastern Washington, the three bands were united as a single tribal government in 1949. Currently, the reservation has over 2,800 tribal members who continue to care and live on the land of their ancestors.

The philosophy of lacrosse has always consisted of a team mentality, a united front moving towards a single goal. Medicine Man Lacrosse is creating opportunity to participate in a mission, a triumphant commitment to individuals who yearn to play the game but have no means to do so.

Medicine Man Lacrosse is a culture shaped around 3 facets; Love the Game, Live your passion and Share the Experience. The Medicine Man is a symbol of game, life and experience through which the players that participate in the tradition and lifestyle of Lacrosse are connected to a unified body of common identity.

The culture of Medicine Man Lacrosse believes in creating more opportunity for lacrosse growth at the youth level, promoting happiness and well-being of its participants, diffusing the culture and lacrosse influence throughout North America as well as promoting an appreciation for life and all its gifts.

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