Max Seibald's Nike Lakota Chrome, Nike Pursuit Attack Shaft

Last week Nike promo player, Max Seibald, took the field in a photo shoot for the “Every Minute is Your Moment” Nike ad. We have exclusive photos of the stick he was playing with in the photo shoot.

Max is playing with Nike Lakota Chrome head and a Nike Pursuit shaft. The shaft is White with Red graphics.

Seibald has a Dura mesh pocket with a nylon, hockey lace and a U shooting string.

Designed for the midfield. Max pinch and compact design for excellent ball retention. With a lightweight design, the Lakota weighs in at 4.9 oz. Multiple stringing holes. Bottom rail designed for mid-to-high pocket. Unique sidewall design creates a new aggressive look. Legal for play at all levels except NCAA.

Rubberized coated handle enhances grip in all playing conditions. 7075 alloy coated to give you great grip. Recommended for Junior High through College.

The Nike Pursuit Shaft is available at You can find the Lakota Chrome at
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