Maverik: Shark Gel, Shark Skin, DILLO...

Long Island City, NY – Maverik Lacrosse unveiled its new "Maybach" elite line of lacrosse equipment (gloves, arm guards and shoulder pads) featuring a groundbreaking new protective technology called 'DILLO flex. Maverik's new technology acts like an armadillos shell, bending precisely with every movement of a players body while offering armor-like protection with unmatched comfort and style.

"We are always looking for ways to improve or products," said John Gagliardi, founder and President of Maverik Lacrosse LLC. "Every product we put our name on has been thoroughly field and game tested by myself and everyone at Maverik. I am confident that anyone who tries our new Maybach equipment will instantly appreciate how little it actually weighs, how well it protects you and most important how comfortable it is."

A little over a year-ago Maverik introduced its revolutionary "Dynasty II" gloves with its "Shark Gel" technology, which deadens the impact of nasty slap checks. This time around, Maverik is pushing the envelope even further by adding "Shark Skin" to the entire palm of the "Maybach" glove for superior stick control in all weather conditions, a new rubberized ink called "Mob Grip" for finger tip control as well as "Shark Gel."

The "Maybach" line also includes arm guards designed specifically for attack (3-Piece Arm Pad), mid (Speed Pad) and defensive players. All three arm guards offer maximum flex, comfort and protection, and use Maverik's all new groundbreaking 'DILLO flex technology.

Maverik's "Maybach" protection system would not be complete without shoulder armor. The "Maybach" shoulder pads also use the new 'DILLO flex technology for armor-like protection, an unlimited range of movement and possibly the lightest pair of shoulder pads ever made.

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