Maverik Raises the Bar/Shaft with the new H2

Maverik Raises the Bar/Shaft with the new H2

New York, November 26, 2012 – Maverik Lacrosse continues to raise the bar or in this case the shaft for the lacrosse industry with the reintroduction of the H2 shaft. Maverik’s engineers have continued with the proven performance of the H2 Scandium Titanium material but with a new texture and graphic for the 2013 season. The Maverik H2 Scandium Titanium Shaft, Proven Performance. Check out the latest Maverik video featuring the new A1 Shaft.

The H2 shaft features Maverik’s proprietary Wonder Boy concave shape and Tactile Grip technology for added durability and feel. The H2 is a high-performance shaft designed for elite level players looking for a strength and durability.

“I’m a big fan of the tick tack toe style grip combined with the Wonder Boy shape,” said Maverik athlete and Syracuse great Jovan Miller. “This has got to be my favorite shaft in the 2013 line.”

H2 Lacrosse Shaft specs:
· Scandium and Titanium alloys
· Maverik’s proprietary concave shape
· TactileGrip surface technology
· Available in 30” and 60” lengths
· Black, Silver and Gunmetal colors

For more information on the H2 shaft, please visit For your added convenience please use the Dealer Locator which will direct you to your nearest Maverik retailer.

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