First look: The Maverik Maybach Glove

Maverik Lacrosse’s new Maybach glove certainly isn’t your dad’s glove. It looks different, feels different, and moves different. As a result, there’s a lot of buzz surrounding the release of the new glove, scheduled to come out later this year.

”The goal was to get away from a traditional glove and eliminate some things we thought were ineffective and carried additional weight,” said Kyle Sweeney, Director of Operations of Maverik Lacrosse.

One of the first things you’ll notice different about the Maybach gloves is the cuff. Maverik eliminated the floating cuff and designed a cuff with more flexibility, a design they call “Dillo-Flex” (think armadillo). Sweeney said the idea originally came up in a brainstorming session (the glove has been under development for 16 months) when a member of the Maverik development team brought up the idea of a knight in his armor, where the armor is protective, but still flexible. That evolved into the idea that an armadillo, an animal that is very flexible, could still curl up in a ball and protect itself. They applied that concept to the glove, and the final product is a glove that has panels of protection layered similar to the panels on a pine cone.

So why does this all matter? Sweeney notes that that flexibility comes on a glove that is smaller and has a tighter fit, which, Sweeney said, is a combination that will give the player greater ability to hinge their wrists. That, of course, would mean better torque on your shot, and in turn, better velocity.

The palms of the glove are seamless and the seams along the edge of the palm are inverted, which adds to the flexible and smooth nature of the glove. The Maybach contains SharkGel along the joint protection area, similar to the Dynasty II gloves. SharkGel is a liquid that hardens upon impact, which provides lighter protection when not under attack but protection when contacted.

Below are photos of the Maybach gloves, which will be available in eight colorways and will also be customizable on Maverik’s Web site (this is a new feature Maverik will be adding to its site, read about it here).

Maverik Maybach Glove

Maverik Maybach Glove Flex

Maverik Maybach Glove - Palm

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