Maverik Havok Review

Maverik Havok Review

Maverik has been churning out great heads every year and the Havok continues that trend, this time with a defensive minded head. Maverik makes some of my favorite heads on the market and the Havok did not disappoint.

I don't really play D pole but I tried this head on both a pole and a short stick and it was definitely usable for both, but it is definitely a defensive minded head that's meant for both defense and long pole middle.  The face shape while still being nice and wide to be able to intercept passes, is also tight enough to help carry the ball and accurately pass and shoot if you're a d-pole that likes to carry the ball. The scoop on the Havok is also much improved and rounded out over the older Maverik heads, which kind of had lousy scoops. This new scoop makes ground balls a breeze and reminds me a bit of STX's Speed Scoop. The entire head is very stiff, partially due to the X struts that Maverik originally debuted in the Tactik while still being pretty light.

I had the chance to string several Havoks and was able to easily string them on my first attempt at coming up with a pattern on the first one. There are a ton of square stringing holes including some larger holes towards the top, six perfectly spaced top string holes and five bottom holes (the extra one is actually kind of nice) with four of them being large enough for leathers. The offset of the head favors a higher pocket but you are able to pretty much string whatever type of pocket you want on it.

The whole head looks great with a lot of cutouts, a mix of glossy and matte materials and textures. It is available in white, black, dark gray and a cool looking Hyperblue. I like the Havok a lot and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good new head to put on a d pole.

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