Maverik Centrik (HS/U) Review

Maverik Centrik (HS/U) Review

With the Optik (check out my review here), Maverik released a fantastic head that was really great for any offense player who likes a mid low pocket on their stick.  Tons of people loved the Optik but for players that like a mid or mid-high pocket, the Optik wasn't a good choice.  It also wasn't the best option for a defense player or even some middies.  The Centrik is quite similar to the Optik but with several changes that target other types of players and could definitely be used for any position in field or box.


I tested both the universal and high school spec versions of the Centrik and was quite pleased with both heads, both performing quite similarly.  Both heads weren't bad to string up with great pockets that I liked.  Each has six large, evenly spaced top string holes that allow you to go through with several strings, easily allowing a triangle top string or leathers.  The top two holes on the sidewall are large, making it easy to pull several strings through.  I do wish Maverik would have kept the three larger holes on the top similar to the Optik though rather than two, since I usually start my sidewall on the third stringing hole, but really when stringing the heads up I didn't really have a problem with it.  There are tons of sidewall holes and are nicely spaced and sized, easily allowing you to string a good pocket.  The bottom string holes are large enough to fit leathers through or do whatever type of bottom string you want. The Level 4 bottom rail makes it easy to string a mid to mid high pocket, which I liked a lot.  I strung the high school spec version using LaxRoom XPro Mesh and a mid high pocket and strung the universal spec version using Throne Fiber with a very shifty mid bag (which shifts low for one handed cradling and high for shooting).


The Centrik is a pretty stiff head that still has a bit of flex when shooting.  The three sidewall struts give it a good amount of structure so it could easily hold up to plenty of poke checks on the defense end of the field while still flexing a bit when you're shooting.  The deep offset gives you a ton of feel on the ball wherever it is in your pocket.


The face shapes of the HS and U specs of the Centrik are pretty much the same as the Optik, which I liked a lot.  The high school version is very tightly pinched giving you a ton of ball control when you're carrying the ball.  The universal spec is nice and wide, making it a great option for defensemen or LSMs who like a tighter pinch than most wide defense-specific heads.


The scoop on the Centrik is a bit pointed which I'm not the biggest fan of.  It still gets the job done, letting you scoop up those loosies, but I wish it was a bit more rounded.


The Centrik has lots of cut outs on the inside of the sidewall and all three struts to reduce weight while still staying strong.  It has a mix of matte and glossy textures and is available in a bunch of colors so you have your options to match your team colors or whatever you want. It even comes in a cool gold color that isn't available very often on heads.

Like the rest of Maverik's high end heads, the Centrik is made with pride in the USA.


Overall, I really liked both the high school and universal versions of the Centrik.  It can be used by any position on the field and performs great.  I actually used the universal version as my gamer as a defenseman for most of my Sr. B box lacrosse season and was able to pick off some passes with it as well, while it still being a good head for offense as well.  Several Maverik athletes are using the Centrik to play at all three positions in the MLL, proving how versatile the head really is.  I'd recommend the Centrik to pretty much any one looking for a versatile head that could be trusted anywhere on the field.
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