Mater Dei Team Order (Sports Extra) Dye Jobs

Sports Extra drop-shipped me ten STX Super Power heads requesting the checkerboard pattern with Mater Dei Griffins on them. Mater Dei is a middle school in Bethesda, MD. This is potentially the first group of school team custom dyed heads that will be carried by Sports Extra (Bethesda, MD).

We have already discussed Landon as a potential next batch and there is always the potential for St. Albans, Bullis, and maybe even Gonzaga.

The process for these was the easy part with simply placing the letters and presenting squares for the checkerboard pattern. After I have all of the heads stickered I began dyeing the heads. Sports Extra also wanted them strung so I went ahead and strung them all up with White mesh, Navy Blue sidewalls, and Navy Blue shooters.

Stay tuned for the Baltimore Ravens head coming next that was done for a friend and John Ranagan and Zack Palmers' designs will be released shortly as well. For more images check out the King Dyes Facebook Page, for questions email me at, or follow me on Twitter @49KingDyes.

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