Maryland Steamers Crab Claw Dye Job

I was recently asked to dye a Maryland Steamers themed head. This one wasn't going to be anything too crazy and it actually turned out looking better than I had anticipated.

I started with a White Cyber Pro X6. I cut out a couple of crab claws and text. Yellow was the first color I used to begin dyeing the head. After getting a nice Yellow I simply added some stripes to the left half of the head inside and outside and was planning to do the same to the right side when I felt it needed something else.

The crab claws was such an easy process that I decided to add a random array of them on the inside of the right side of the head. Realizing this late again I didn't think it would have come out looking as good as it did for how simple it really was. I have already come up with a theory on how to do another one with a slightly "marbled" look to really get the crab shell effect and will be contacting a pro in this area very soon.

After the strips and the claws were placed the only thing left to do was the Red dye which came out well over top the Yellow as usual.

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