Marist Men's Lacrosse Locker Dedication to Edward Coombs, STX Equipment

Marist Men's Lacrosse Locker Dedication to Edward Coombs, STX Equipment

In August, the Marist community mourned the loss of Edward Coombs, a rising sophomore on the Men’s lacrosse team. Coombs, 19, lost his life in a car accident in his hometown of Horsham Township, Pa. Those closest to him called him Eddie and he was well-liked by everyone. Months ago, Marist's head coach Keegan Wilkinson and rising senior Zach Badalucco described the person and figure Eddie became known for.

“I can only begin to describe the sadness that has met our program when we learned of Eddie’s passing,” Head Coach Keegan Wilkinson said. “Eddie was an incredible young man who could not have been more well-respected and admired by his teammates and the staff.

“I will never forget going to watch Eddie’s high school playoff game his senior year and his coach’s son telling me in the stands that Eddie was `the heartbeat of their team.’ Eddie had the same effect on our program, and his heartbeat will live on forever through his teammates and all those involved in the Marist Lacrosse program."

Off the field, Coombs was remembered as a good friend by underclassmen and upperclassmen alike, and as someone who could be relied upon by everyone. He was viewed as a leader among this past year’s freshman class, and as someone who was generous and grateful for the experiences he had. Rising senior Zach Badalucco recalled Coombs as someone his teammates gravitated toward.

“He was someone we all depended on, on and off the field,” Badalucco said. “He was my friend, and I depended on him to make me smile.”

Not only will the team be reminded of Coombs everyday they walk into their locker room, but they will also play for him on the field to the fullest. The team will be wearing STX K18 pads.

K18 Arm Guard

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K18 Arm Pad

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D Arm Pads

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K18 Gloves

The High Def material allows for a super lightweight glove with maximum mobility. The direct inject impact ribs add increased slash protection on fingers, back of hand, and wrist.

Nike High Cleats

360 Video Tour of the Locker Room

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