Mainely Mesh LighterBro Pro Review

Mainely Mesh LighterBro Pro Review

As a frequent stringer, the tools that I always have with me are a lighter and pair of scissors are always with me when I'm stringing.  Occasionally, for those heads that have tiny sidewall holes (which are a huge pain to fit strings in), I also use an old pair of tweezers to help me push the strings through.

Chris over at Mainely Mesh sent me over one of their LighterBro Pro accessories to review.  I used it while stringing a few sticks this past week and was pleasantly surprised at how useful and convenient it was.


The LighterBro Pro is a "sleeve" which you put a standard Bic Lighter into and it gives you all the tools you need for stringing a stick.  The packaging of the LighterBro Pro is nothing special but it showcases all of the uses of the LighterBro, which is all it needs to do.

The LighterBro Pro is made of metal and feels nice and solid in your hand.  The one I got is all black with the white Mainely Mesh logo etched in it that looks super clean.


Putting the lighter in the LighterBro Pro is super easy, just slide it right in on top and it will fit snuggly inside.


The LighterBro Pro has all the tools you need for stringing a stick.  On the sides, there are scissors, a small knife, a tiny "screwdriver" meant for adjusting glasses and a regular sized screwdriver bit. Although the scissors aren't the sharpest or best, they are perfect for cutting strings. And if you need something sharper, just use the knife.  The tiny glasses screwdriver is perfect for pushing through strings when you have a tight fit.  The regular screwdriver bit (not pictured), works great for screwing a head onto a shaft.


Overall, although the LighterBro Pro isn't the best at everything it definitely works well at having all the tools you need all together.  I'd suggest this for frequent stringers as it has everything you need all in one piece.  I'd also recommend it to coaches to keep in their coaching bag to do quick repairs on their players' sticks during games or practices.

Bonus: The LighterBro Pro has a bottle opener on the bottom!IMG_0164

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