Magerks by Zubaz Ocean City '12 Uniforms

Magerks by Zubaz Ocean City '12 Uniforms

Magerks makes its way on to LPG and boy do they have sick unis! These lacrosse uniforms were created by AWD (Athletic Wear Direct). This year's team will receive a pair of shorts with Zubaz pattern, game shirt, game tank, and another tank with no number to just wear around since everyone’s favorite watering hole doesn’t allow anything in with a number on the back.

The team will also be receiving a pair of Zubaz Pants. Zubaz was kind enough to send the players a bunch of different colors for the guys to choose from. Anyone can purchase Zubaz pants at and embrace your own awesomeness.

The team also receives a pair of ManBro sunglasses, which you can see in the photos, these glasses are some of the best and most cost efficient sunglasses you will ever wear. You can get yourself a sweet pair of ManBro shades at

AWD made each guy a pair of custom croakies also to go with the ManBro sunglasses in a couple different styles that can fit any frame of sunglasses out there. AWD makes everything completely custom, to the way the Magerks wanted their shorts cut to how Bro they wanted their Bro Tanks.

They are also trying to get there name out there and the best way to do that is to give out as much swag as possible that’s why at the end of the month they will be giving away close to 50 pairs of croakies and 25 pairs of Custom AWD shorts in various patterns to people who “Like” them on Facebook. So go onto Facebook and just give Athletic Wear Direct a “Like” to win yourself some gear. Ask about how they can get your whole team custom croakies with each pair of shorts ordered while the promotion last. If your interested in having AWD create your teams next uniform email them at or call Mike at (410)-239-6100.

Gotta give it up to Magerks for the creative lacrosse apparel and unis!
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