MadGear 'Japan Lax' Shorts

Help support the ongoing relief effort in Japan with the all new Madlax MadGear sublimated shorts. These shorts feature a Bushido style Japanese dragon king , the Japanese script for “Japan Lacrosse” going down the right leg, a rising sun background, Koi fishscale insert, and MadMax dressed up as a proud Japanese Sumo wrestler.
Madlax is proud to assist in the relief effort for all of those affected by the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan in March. A portion of the proceeds from every new Japan Lax short sold will be donated to the Red Cross and directly help support the relief of the Japanese people.

These shorts are fully sublimated and made from the highest quality mock mesh material. Each short comes with side pockets, a draw string, and the satisfaction that comes with helping Japan recover from this disaster.

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