Looking for Lacrosse Gift Ideas? We’ve Got You Covered!

Looking for Lacrosse Gift Ideas? We’ve Got You Covered!

Looking for Lacrosse Gift Ideas? We’ve Got You Covered!

It’s that time of the year again! Mistletoe, egg nog, a cozy fireplace, and family are all we really need to have a grateful and thankful holiday season, right? Oh yeah, and new lacrosse gear!

Provided by the lacrosse gear experts over at Lacrosse Scoop, below you will find a list of some of the newest and best lacrosse gear to both give and receive as lacrosse gifts this holiday season.

Lacrosse Rebounders

So as we all know, nothing will elevate your lacrosse game like playing some wall ball. It builds the muscle memory necessary to think on your feet, make crisp passes, and to score that quick stick goal on the crease. But sometimes you don’t have access to a wall, and it’s more convenient to use a lacrosse rebounder. Well the EZ Goal lacrosse rebounder is newer to the lacrosse scene, but these things are selling like hot-cakes. With an all-steel frame, huge pitch back face, and folding capabilities, this lax wall is a must have when considering lacrosse rebounders. Read the EZ Goal lacrosse rebounder review, and see the buying guide to lacrosse rebounders.

Practice Lacrosse Goal

The second most important piece of lacrosse gear for your backyard is a lacrosse goal, especially if you play offense. Just like using a lacrosse rebounder above, consistently shooting on a lacrosse goal will build your muscle memory and make your shots quicker, harder, and more accurate. Our favorite lacrosse goal right now is the SSG Practice Goal. We did a quick review of this goal in our Lacrosse Goals and Nets Buying Guide.

Lacrosse Shafts

Every laxer loves getting a new lacrosse shaft. Period. And honestly, choosing which one to buy can be daunting because there are so many styles, models, grips, shapes, and lengths. Just as with Lacrosse goals and rebounders, we put together a full lacrosse shaft buying guide. So which lax shafts do we recommend for the lacrosse season? Depending on the position you play, we recommend different shafts. But one lacrosse shaft we’ve been pleased with at all levels is the Gait ICE shaft. The ICE’s lightweight yet strong frame, makes it not only the lightest lacrosse shaft out there, but also the most cost-effective. Read our quick review of it and checkout the lacrosse shaft buying guide.

Looking for Lacrosse Gift Ideas? We’ve Got You Covered!

Fun Lacrosse Gifts

If you aren’t looking to spend tons of money on a lacrosse gift, we recommend taking a look at these fun and unique lacrosse gifts. To read a quick review of each of these, checkout the full list of lacrosse gifts at Lacrosse Scoop.

First up are lacrosse socks. Have you seen the insane amounts of lacrosse sock prints available? You can get anything from Santa Claus, to mustaches, to pink socks. You can use them as a stocking stuffer, or gag gift, and will definitely be graciously accepted! Next up are lacrosse wall decals. We’ve all seen Lebron James’s fathead haven’t we? Although they don’t have player-specific fatheads for lacrosse, they do have some pretty cool ones. There are a few different designs that will allow and laxer to upgrade their bedroom with a new lacrosse theme. Lastly, try scooping up lacrosse fiddlesticks, also known as mini lacrosse sticks. Whether you are a new laxer, or an advanced player, playing around with some fiddlesticks will improve your ball-handling and cradling creativity!

Well there you have it laxers. Plenty of lacrosse gift ideas for the holiday season. To read more lacrosse gear reviews and gift ideas, head over to Lacrosse Scoop!
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