Longtime Lacrosse Manufacturer STX Expands Ice Hockey Equipment Line

Longtime Lacrosse Manufacturer STX Expands Ice Hockey Equipment Line

STX Ice Hockey Stallion500 Side Detail
Baltimore, MD – Baltimore-based STX, LLC, a global sporting goods leader, today announced its new ice hockey gloves and performance and recreational levels of sticks are now available for sale in stores across the country.

The highly anticipated elite level gloves, the Stallion 500 and the Surgeon 500, debut STX’s PUREFORM™ ice hockey specific design principles aimed at achieving advanced articulation, retention and comfort. PUREFORM™ elements are included in the glove’s fully articulating Cable-Flex Thumb™, M2 Knuckle™ and distinct power-fit and precision-fit profiles.

The Stallion 500 gloves are developed for the power player seeking a unique combination of elevated mobility and traditional protection. The Surgeon 500 gloves are for the precision player seeking a new level of responsiveness.

“As soon as I slipped the STX gloves on and played with them, I was blown away by how they felt,” said NHL Buffalo Sabres player Matt Moulson. “This is exactly what NHL guys have been asking for. STX was able to take all of our feedback to design features like the flexible thumb and open stitching in the knuckle to make a glove that provides mobility like no other I’ve worn before.”

STX’s intermediate and beginner sticks are also now available in stores. The 300 sticks are for the intermediate player looking to enhance their power and precision, while the 100 sticks are for beginner players looking to develop on-ice power and add more touch to their skills. The 300 and 100 level sticks are available in both the Stallion or Surgeon lines.

“Over the past three years, we have worked to create a system of hockey specific technologies designed to connect players with their equipment through advanced articulation, retention and comfort,” noted Matt Hoppe, STX Senior Global Brand Manager. “Our goal was to blur the lines between the player and equipment. Utilizing next generation technologies and materials inspired by the PUREFORM™ design system has helped us to not only achieve, but exceed this goal.”

STX’s elite level Stallion and Surgeon 500 sticks were launched in stores this past April. In spring 2015, the company will begin selling its entire line of protective gear including shoulder pads, elbow pads and shin guards.
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