LaxRoom XPro Mesh Review

LaxRoom XPro Mesh Review

When I saw that LaxRoom, a company that comes up with some new products that no one's thought of, was releasing their new Xpro performance mesh, I was quite eager to try it out.  The guys at LaxRoom challenged me to give it a shot, so I strung a piece up in a Maverik Centrik HS (review coming soon!) and tried it out.


The XPro mesh was pretty easy to string up.  It had a bit of a waxy feel when I took it out of the bag but once I stretched it out and started stringing it this went away quickly. The XPro mesh was a pleasure to string and quite responsive as I was stringing it up (was able to easily see what would or wouldn't work).


The Xpro mesh is semi-soft and has a rough texture to it, giving you a ton of hold on the ball.  I love the feel it gives you to the ball in your stick.  It does feel a little bit stiffer than some other semi-soft performance meshes, which I actually liked since this seemed to give me a more consistent, smoother release.  It also holds the structure of your pocket nicely, and won't bag out, with little to no stretching to the diamonds.  I used this mesh in all kinds of weather including rain and a range of temperatures between 40 and 80 degrees and it stayed consistent throughout.


XPro mesh is available in several flat colors and single and double striker patterns.  The piece that I had for review was the double striker, which I think looks great.  It gives more of a splash of color to your stick.


I really liked the XPro mesh from LaxRoom.  The hold and feel of this mesh is great and it is quite consistent. I'd definitely recommend this mesh and it comes in at a great price of only $12 a piece, making it a fantastic value.
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