Lax West Elite Lacrosse Club Uniforms

The recent growth of lacrosse in the West has been remarkable. It is the result of the tireless effort and dedication of many of the game's great players, coaches and protagonists. Michael Watson is one of them. Watson, former UVA 4-time All American and current LXM player, founded the Lax West Elite team in Southern California.

We were able to get a hold of their uniforms. We heard a lot about these through the summer circuit and they do not disappoint. Made by Pro Athletics, these reversible pinnies encompass a Blue/Gold/White colorway. Stars play a big role in the theme as well as elements from the California state flag such as the bear on the front.

Lax West was established to actively participate in the continued development of the sport by creating opportunities which enhance the lacrosse experience and knowledge for players, coaches and fans across the West. These opportunities will include instructional and competitive camps, clinics and events, as well as coaching clinics and seminars, invitational exhibitions, games and tournaments. Lax West has also partnered with ESPN Plus and ESPNU to develop made for television lacrosse events.

The diving logo on the back of the top and bottom are iconic to the way Watson plays on the field. You may have heard Quint Kessinich say "Take one more step to greatness" well that doesn't apply to Watson. View an image of him diving across the crease in the Endless Summer.

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