Lacrosse Trends To Keep An Eye On In 2014

Lacrosse Trends To Keep An Eye On In 2014

2013 was an exciting year in the lacrosse world. We've seen new and old trends explode onto the scene. Whats going to be trending in #2014?

Water-Resistant/Wax Mesh

This was the year of waxed mesh, because regular hard mesh just isn't cool anymore. Companies like East Coast Dyes and Throne of String have inspired hundreds of others to create a perfect formula. Just look on Instagram, everyone and their mother has a wax mesh business. It's amazing to see all of the intricate and custom designs that some companies can pull off. But waxed mesh isn't the only new thing in everyone's sticks these days, companies such as Jimalax and Stringking re-invented the wheel. They've created a brand new product that isn't made with your typical water soaking materials. This stuff isn't waxed but it is water resistant. These products took the lacrosse world by storm in 2013. What will you be using in 2014?

Flex Shafts

Before flex shafts was the STX katana shaft and STX crank (K18). Prior to that was guys playing with a bent shaft that seemed to allow the ball to sit higher in the pocket resulting in a harder shaft. The STX alliance series shaft was a huge hit and now with Epoch exploding onto the scene, we are already seeing everyone with an Epoch Dragonfly Shaft. Look for this to be the next best thing.


With the new stringing regulations implemented in 2013, we've seen more players try to come up with the next best thing to make up for the loss of the trusty U/V shooting string (See Max McCool Topstring). Some went the traditional stringing route and reverted to a totally different feel. Is traditional making a comeback? I think so! Hashtags such as #chenangotopstring and #traditionalthursday became a hit on social networks.

Box Lacrosse

There is a new professional lacrosse league in town, watch out NLL. The United States Lacrosse League (USLL) was created to fill a void and encourage more American players to play box lacrosse. Will this league hold up or will it fold like the PLL? Either ways, it's great for the sport. Box is an entirely different animal and has been north of the border dominant for many years now. It will now be trending in the states in 2014.

Elite Lacrosse Camps

Remember when Blue Chip was the best thing ever? Now there are too many elite camps to choose from. This is a true testament to the growth of the game in non hot bed areas. Coaches aren't just recruiting players from the Northeast anymore, there are camps all over the west coast now as well. Will we see a future All-American from the inner city soon? It's only a matter of time.

Chrome and Matte

What a fail chrome heads were. Remember when everyone was buying them on close-out not too long ago? Chrome made a come back in a bigger way, helmets and cleats. Can we see teams going all chrome in 2014? I'm talking uniforms too, welcome to the future. Oh, and don't sleep on Matte heads and helmets. Those might proove to have a longer shelf life than chrome. Indiana found new uses for Matte such as their helmet decals this past season.

Convertible Shorts

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