Lacrosse Playground's Top 5 Ties and Dyes (March 6)

Lacrosse Playground's Top 5 Ties and Dyes (March 6)

Welcome to the first ever Top 5 Ties and Dyes, a weekly segment highlighting the best string ups and dye jobs posted on Instagram by stringers, dyers, players and pros.  I will be pouring over posts daily to round up the absolute best craftsmanship from the lacrosse stringing and dying community for your enjoyment. 

ECD Mirage 2.0 by @creationsxthomas

This week we will kick off the segment with the head strung by Thomas from @creationsbythomas on the Tuesday Tie Up episode from February 23.  Thomas strung an ECD Lacrosse Mirage 2.0 with a custom cut one piece leather pocket.  He used his skill in leatherwork to innovate the traditional stringing process and create a one of a kind set up.  On our live stringing session, he discussed how he’s “moved from focusing on the performance aspect of lacrosse to doing my best to create functional art pieces.”  I would say he nailed a functionally piece of art on this one! 

Epoch Purpose 15 by @ca_tiesndyes

Second up this week is an Epoch Purpose 15 dyed and strung by Cori from @ca_tiesndyes.  This “Rainbow Camo” dye job is incredible.  Cori used an innovative dye technique where the dye was mixed with additives to create a thick paste that she could apply similarly to paint.  Once the paste was applied, it was then heated and the dye within the paste transferred to the plastic of the head.  This head was dyed for a youth player who wanted a rainbow with love dye to which her mother responded that it wouldn’t be very intimidating.  To that comment the player said, “I don’t want to be intimidating, I want to show that I love lacrosse and it makes me happy.”  Cori strung this in a hybrid mesh/traditional style with a True Lacrosse Ignition Runner.  Creating pieces based on the story or idea the player tells you is what makes being a Maker in lacrosse so much fun!

Mohawk Lacrosse Company Woodie by @smokinstringz

Our first Ties and Dyes post had to include this incredible Mohawk Lacrosse Company woodie re-strung by Taylor from @smokinstringz.  His first stick from 20 years ago, this gem is a beauty of a wood stick that just needed a fresh set of leathers and string.  If you don’t know Taylor’s work make sure to go check out his IG profile, one of the preeminent traditional stringers the game currently has to offer.  Taylor tied this up with a fresh 6 diamond traditional using LaxRoom leathers and Jack Johnson bootlace.  The visual of the wood grain and the patina of the 20-year-old stick paired with the fresh pop of new bootlace, leathers and four yellow shooters... *Chef’s Kiss*... looks like a beauty of a new bag!

STX Super Power by @gerbstrings

Who doesn’t love a good print or pattern?! This black and orange inside out elephant print dye job by Jake from @gerbstrings in this STX Super Power is mean. Made popular by Nike Jordan’s, elephant print is one of the most visually striking patterns when executed as flawlessly as this. Dyed with Lax Dip and strung with The Mesh Dynasty 9 Diamond Force Hex, Jake took a classic head and gave it a super clean upgrade in both looks and performance. 

Maverik Tactik 2.0 by @wraithlacrosse

Last but certainly not least, we have this Express Lacrosse Club dye on a Maverik Tactik 2.0 by Nic from @wraithlacrosse.  This dye is both intricate and subtle in its use of clean lines and a gradient fade effect.  So happy to be able to include a piece of his work this week, as he recently announced that he would no longer be operating Wraith Lacrosse so he could pursue other career aspirations.  As the 2020 Dyer’s Cup champion, we have seen Wraith dye some of the best designs over the past few years including heads for college players, youth programs, charitable organizations, and professionals.  I know he has been an inspiration for so many dyers and has always been willing to help those who wanted to learn how to do the intricate work that he does.  So, with this post I would like to celebrate Wraith Lacrosse and his incredible contribution to the dyeing and stringing community and wish Nic the best of luck in his next endeavor!

Each week check in for a new edition of Top 5 Ties and Dyes to see if you or your favorite dyer or stringer has their work featured.  If you would like your tie ups and dye jobs to be considered please make sure to tag @lacrosseplayground and use #tiesndyes in your Instagram post so that we will be notified and spread the word so that as many great artists can be recognized!

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