Fan Shout-Out: BROCHO8 *Free SWAG*

We like to show gratitude to our fans. You don't have to come to LPG, but you do. You guys are our lifeblood, and we love you for that. We'd like to take this opportunity to give an official LPG Shout-Out to Brett Mangan.

He's shown above-and-beyond dedication by making the homepage of his cellphone and computer our site. He also made his twitter bio link to our site. Thanks Brett. Due to your fanhood, we will be shipping you a Thailand Lacrosse t-shirt. These are extremely hard to find and look freshhh. Friend LPG Lax on Facebook and send us your address.

P.S. Thanks for the pic you tweeted. It's money, young's a closeup:

If you don't understand why BROCHO8 gave us props, then obviously you ain't feelin' what we're peelin' or groovin' what we're movin', sorry!

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