Lacrosse Playground Back To School Dye Contest

Lacrosse Playground Back To School Dye Contest

Alright Playground fans, it's time for another contest. Up for grabs this time are a few heads dyed by our own dye master, Max McCool. Some of you may remember the pair of Revolver heads that we had up on the site a few months ago. Well they're back, and they're yours for the taking!

Your dyeing skills are going to be the deciding factor this time, but there's a twist. The FIRST PLACE prize will be the person who is judged as having the most impressive dye job. They will get first choice of the two Revolver heads. SECOND PLACE, however, will be awarded to the person who submits the UGLIEST dye job. Not trying to hurt any feelings, but we're thinking if you have the ugliest head in the whole contest, you could probably use a freshly dyed head. So EVERYONE has a chance to win, regardless of skill.

Now let's get down to brass tacks:

-Each person may submit up to two entries. They can be for whatever category you want.

-Your dye must be done by you, and it must be a dye. No sharpie work, no paint pens. RIT dye and mixed methods.

-Post your pictures on the LPG Facebook page, tagging @Lacrosse Playground and @McCoolsDyeShop

-Make your pictures quality. No dark blurry pictures. The better the picture, the more votes you'll get. The best pictures are taken outside in the sunlight.

-The 3 heads in each category with the most Likes by midnight on September 6 will enter the next round of judging. In other words, the three most impressive dye jobs and the three most hideous dye jobs will move on. Comments help, and are encouraged, but let's keep it classy.

-The final decision will be left up to a group of judges headed up by McCool.

-First place winner can choose which head they are to receive, with the other head going to the winner of the Ugly contest.

-If you have any questions, tag @McCoolsDyeShop for the quickest answer.

Again, the best part of the contest is that anyone can win! So get to work, with either your dye or your camera. Good luck!! Oh, and if you need any pointers view this Dyeing Tutorial.
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