Lacrosse Moms Create Slick Lids To Save Money

In 2009 a group of LAX moms from Baltimore had an idea to make lacrosse apparel more functional. To transform or customize helmets into each player's individual style and authenticity...Slick Lids was born. Breathable and stretchable covers that fit like second skins on your existing lacrosse helmets.

Lacrosse helmets can cost $150 or more, so it’s too pricey for many parents when their children need more than one.

“One plays lacrosse for a club team and he also plays rec ball and ball for school. And there was no way I was going to spend the money to buy three helmets,” said Bennett Cummings, lacrosse mom.

The three Carroll County mothers, whose sons are all into lacrosse in a big way, brainstormed a solution. Why not make a lid — a skin out of spandex — that you could pop over the school helmet. Then everyone on the recreation team could look the same.

“It’s a little distracting sometimes when everybody has a different helmet with a different logo with a different school. When you put the lids on them it all looks uniform. It looks great,” said Stacey Irrgang, lacrosse mom.

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Hat Tip: Laxtown

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