Lacrosse Entrepreneurs: Nice Laundry Launches Their Socks!

Lacrosse Entrepreneurs: Nice Laundry Launches Their Socks!

Lacrosse players are some of the most entrepreneurial guys around. It's a sport built upon brands started and grown by its own demographic--take Warrior, Maverik and Adrenaline, for example. All started and grown by lacrosse players.

At LPG, we want to highlight our fellow lacrosse entrepreneurs. Our first piece in this running series is Nice Laundry. Started by Ricky Choi, who played at Penn, Nice Laundry just launched today on Kickstarter with their fresh socks.

Frustrated by the high prices and lack of design in the sock market, Ricky set out to build the kind of company that he would want to buy from: honest, reasonably-priced and high quality.

Head over to their page and check out these socks. Grab a six pack or two and get some swag going underneath your khakis. Every laxer needs some sick sock game. The Kickstarter will end, so get in while the getting's good.

"Guys have terrible relationships with their sock drawers--boring, messy and lots of missing pairs" Ricky says, "we make it quick and easy to start fresh." Fresh indeed, Ricky.

Head to Kickstarter to view the collection.
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