Lacrosse Box Gear Review

Lacrosse Box Gear Review

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Lacrosse Box ( is an innovative concept that has taken some thought as to how to review it. This review is not so much the product but the concept and service involved. Lacrosse Box does not make gear but they make it happen for a reasonable price and a great element of surprise. Each month you pay a fee and each month they deliver you a box of quality lacrosse related products that you would want. Most ideas like this would provide you things that would more take up space than be desired, Lacrosse Box goes the opposite route providing products you would really want every month shipped and sealed acting as a monthly amazing gift for a player or program.

The box sent to us here at LacrossePlayground represents 2 months worth of boxes for context but definitely holds a ton of value. Our boxes would be valued in their $36 premium box which includes the shipping cost. They offer multi-tiered packages each offering different services and they don’t do contracts. Sign up, see what you get and if you like the service keep it around. I know for my program we are discussing signing up for this as possible incentives for the end of each month or session in order to provide players with outstanding performance on and off the field as some rewards. Program directors would do well to look into this service for sure.

My Box included Both October and November’s boxes broken down below

October: Great value on the support side of the game this month

  • Adrenaline Shooting Shirt ($30 Value)

  • Adrenaline Baby Blue Socks ($10 Value)

  • KT Tape ($5 Value)

  • Ball ($2)

  • Total without shipping $47 saving you $17 great deal here.

November: Great value on the playing side of the game for this month

  • Full String King Type 2x (brand new product with a glowing review right here) ($30 Value)

  • PRO BAR ($2)

  • Adrenaline Heather Gray Socks ($10)

  • Total Without Shipping $42 saving you $12 great deal and great mesh right here.

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The Lacrosse Box was founded in 2014 shipping its first boxes in October and now ship to the US, Canada and Australia. Again no contracts here and they stand by that with their service, they provide a great product and service with the goal that if you like it you will continue ordering. The company has sponsored events like the Las Vegas Lacrosse Showcase with great incentives for teams, as well as awesome incentives for teams on a regular basis. Definitely hit them up for a great value and an awesome surprise every month when the box comes in you can’t be disappointed here.
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