Keepin' it Traditional #1: Traditional Stringing 101

Keepin' it Traditional #1: Traditional Stringing 101

Howdy, folks. I'm super excited to be Lacrosse Playground's resident traditional writer. Please let me know if you would like me to cover a certain topic @lacrossemage


A traditional pocket requires only a handful of tools. Please note if you are under the age, have a parent help you with using the knife or scissors and lighter.


From left to right
(Squire sticks, small screwdriver, sharpie, Traditree, medical clamps, lighter, scissors, needle nose pliers). On top are a tape measure and a knife. This head will be a simple 4 diamond head with sidewall lining. You will need 12 feet of crosslace, two sidewall strings, 4 leathers, and 3 shooter laces.



Lets start with the leathers!

After you’ve tightened them to the rim of your head I like to tape the leathers down, it gives a cool look and gets the leather ends out of the way.

The sidewall!
Start by putting the crosslace into the second to top hole, then feeding it up into the top hole then down the side of the head to the second to last hole. Start from the bottom with your sidewall going up through every other hole while going around the crosslace. As shown in the photo above.

Place your Traditree if you have you between the sidewall and the head. If you do not have a Traditree you can use a ball with the squire sticks to hold into place. To pull in your leathers and lock them in I like to use a loop around knot as shown.

REMINDER: Do not tighten leathers extremely tight onto your Traditree or ball, as it can lead to breaking the Traditree and your leathers bubbling.

Time to start your pocket!
Starting from bottom left go over your leather then under it, after come over your lace securing it to move on.
In the photo you can see two different types of ways to attach to the sidewall only, use which ever you like and feel comfortable with.

7 6
Once you get to the top, you will do the same loop then slide it in-between the leather and head at the top. After that you go through the same process but going down. Simply put it into the hole that you made with the crosslace and go under then over. Shown in photos above

Lock knot
I don’t like cutting holes in my leather so I use this knot. With a little tape in front it wont slide up or ruin your string job.

9 1:2
The shooters!
Everyone strings their shooters their own way; this is just an example of how I string mine.

Let me know how your traditional turned out! check out my instagram for more traditional work: @lacrossemage

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