JoviNation: HeadWrapz Contest

JoviNation: HeadWrapz Contest

We are doing a contest giveaway of a HeadWrapz just like the one seen here that is on Jovan's helmet.  The special thing is, only TWO exist and none will ever be made again, unless of course Jovan orders another.  I possess one, and he does as well as we both received them at the same time.  He was tremendous enough to send me pictures over the weekend of his lid with it on, that way everyone can see what it looks like applied, so before I disclose the rules and parameters here are some more pictures.

And then of course the one I am giving away

So now onto what the contest is about.  There will be three parts that have to be done because Jovan is so diverse, respected, and has done so much in the community.  First thing is what exactly in a short summary does JoviNation do?  Secondly, Jovan went to Syracuse University, but where is he going now for his Master's Degree, and in what?  Thirdly, what impact do you feel Jovan has made in lacrosse, and if you have met him, what advice have you taken from what he has said that you still hold close with you to this day?

Send your responses to and I will pick a winner and it will be posted on LPG's Facebook this week!  Of course, feel free to message me on Twitter @TheRealHag and even shoot one to Jovan to tell him how awesome his design is!  I look forward to your responses, and thanks for your continued support of us because without you, we just wouldn't be the same guys!  Great family we have here.

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