Jay Jalbert Interview with Film & Video Magazine

Film & Video magazine recently did an interview with Jay Jalbert that details the Maverik "111 mph" commercial with Paul Rabil. Film & Video covers new ideas in creating entertainment by focusing on technique and workflow in the production and finishing of features, TV programming, music videos, and commercials.

Jay Jalbert, All-World lacrosse player, has his hands in just about everything including being the Co-Founder of Maverik Lacrosse. LPG has been a big fan of Jalbert's work for a while and he deserves the recognition.

Jalbert Productions International (JPI) has been in sports filmmaking dating back more than 35 years, to the filming of Downhill Racer in 1969. JPI is a family owned business founded by Joe Jay Jalbert and now his son Jay is proving himself in such a competitive industry.

Jay Jalbert, co-founder of Maverik Lacrosse and director/producer of Maverik Films worked with NFL Films cinematographers to capture in slow-motion detail the passion, the intensity and the dedication Maverik’s “Soldiers” bring to lacrosse every day.The interview explores the details and production behind the final product of the Maverik commercial. Read the interview in its entirety at FilmandVideo.com.

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