JackWraps Review

JackWraps Review

JackWraps Danny


Everyone loves a sick helmet wrap and this time around we had some nice stuff designed by JackWraps. These guys are super easy to deal with and come up with some absolute awesome designs in short periods of time and they had it done in just three days.


The Design process is probably the easiest I have ever had the chance to experience. No special file types no back and forth mess, just a sick helmet wrap. I gave the guys at JackWraps a general idea of what I wanted and they came back with the custom Blue Chrome Swirl and a custom Sparrow head for our team. They even did a white and a black mock up so we could pick. They went well out of their way to make the process easy for us.

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These helmet wraps were produced in about 2 weeks from design approval and showed up nicely wrapped up and a good website for directions on how to put them on.

The installation video is incredibly helpful and the first wrap took me about 30 minutes. I feel like after doing the first helmet though I could have done them much faster and easier. Make sure your helmet is clean and my tip is have an X-Acto blade for the smaller parts and maybe some trimming if you’re a little off on the layout.

JackWraps Top View


Our best attackman wore this helmet all season and he takes an absolute beating along with having the helmet in his bag anytime he’s not playing. The wrap has not pealed at all and still looks amazing. The chrome hasn’t chipped either which is really saying something. This is a four-month men’s league season with close to 20 games and still holding up that’s pretty impressive especially considering it was used on a helmet with its fair share of damage done before the wrap was applied.


JackWraps definitely earns their right to be a top maker of helmet wraps and is one of the providers we recommend when teams ask I would definitely recommend them for your summer ball teams coming up this season.
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