Inventor of Spidertech Tape Used by London Olympians Creates Low Back Pain Program for the Masses

Inventor of Spidertech Tape Used by London Olympians Creates Low Back Pain Program for the Masses

During the Olympics you may have noticed many athletes using funky kinesiology tape on their bodies. Athletes from Simon Whitfield, the Canadian Flag bearer to triathlete Paula Findlay and cyclist Dotie Bausch credit this innovative tape with allowing them to compete at a world class level, despite aches and pains. Now the doctor who made kinesiology taping accessible to thousands of people, including Olympians, has taken time out of his busy schedule to share insight on the revolutionary product.

Dr. Jardine is a renowned Chiropractor, health and fitness expert, and innovator in the field of physical and rehabilitative medicine. He owns a multidisciplinary sports therapy and conditioning facility called The Urban Athlete and personally treats and advises numerous professional and Olympic athletes and teams. He has worked one-on-one with Tour de France winner and Professional Cyclist, George Hincapie, and three time Olympian Simon Whitfield, a Triathlete who took home the Gold Medal in 2000 and 2004, and the Silver in 2008.

We asked Dr. Jardine a few questions so lacrosse players can get a basic idea of how this can be used in the sport of lacrosse. Injuries, like in most sports, are a part of the game. Injuries such as chronic muscle and joint pain can be detrimental to ones performance. Read the interview below.

LPG: Thanks for speaking with us today. So what's it like seeing everyone wear the Spidertech Tape?
Dr. Kevin Jardine: I'm grateful to have been involved with creating something that can help so many people, including the athletes at the London Olympics.

LPG: What were your initial goals in producing Spidertech Tape?
Dr. Kevin Jardine: The goal was to create a reproducible way to standardize the taping, I've succeeded at that and now I've set my sites on doing the same thing with home injury prevention and rehabilitation programs for weak and injured muscles.

LPG: How does it work?
Dr. Kevin Jardine: Kinesiology taping works through a series of complex neurological mechanisms, but the easiest way to describe it is that it stimulates touch receptors in the skin to decrease the discomfort associated with injuries.

LPG: Would you say this is a good alternative to using drugs to control the pain?
Dr. Kevin Jardine: Taping provides a great drug free way to help control pain.

LPG: What else should we expect to see from you in the future? What are you looking towards accomplishing with Spidertech?
Dr. Kevin Jardine: My whole personal mission is to help people be more active and I have done that through creating the SpiderTech applications and now through the Feeling Pretty Remarkable programs.

We hope you have learned a lot from the interview. You can learn more about purchase information by clicking Spidertech Tape.
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