Introducing Glove$averz from EVESPEED SPORTS

Easy to adhere, the Glove$averz are self-adhesive for quick positioning. They are packaged with Super Glue to seal the edges after applying, and to re-seal the edges if they start to lift. Glove$averz greatly extend the life of a new glove. Case studies of high school players show 2 additional lacrosse seasons with Glove$averz and still, no holes.

Also available in a Coach's 5-pack to use as a quick repair on the sidelines and keep players on the field where they belong.

EVESPEED SPORTS will be giving away free Glove$averz on their Fan Page. Learn how below...

ENTER TO WIN easy as 1-2-3:

1. LIKE Evespeed Sports on Facebook

2. COMMENT on the Give-Away Posting

3. At 800 LIKES and every 25 thereafter, someone that has commented will WIN the GLOVE$AVERZ!

Can’t wait to win? LAX Season is here so order them now: Save your gloves and Stay IN the Game!

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