In Depth Look at Backdoor Goals Lacrosse

LPG recently had the chance to catch up with the owner of Backdoor Goals, Jamie Poore. Jamie Poore started Backdoor Goals in 2003 specializing in rebounder walls and goals. Jamie wanted to further the sport of lacrosse and make it an enjoyable and successful experience for all that participate. Learn more about Jamie Poore and Backdoor Goals in the interview below.

When was Backdoor Goals created and why?

I started the business in 2003. I’m a high school teacher and was looking for a way to make some extra money. I was coaching a high school team at the time that used a few different fields which caused us to move the goals frequently. It was such a hassle that I made some game quality goals that broke down into pieces. I wanted them to fit into my VW GTI. Soon, I was asked to make some for other teams and it just took off from there. Since most of my first orders were local and realizing the market for lacrosse goals is pretty limited, I started designing a rebounder wall that was different from the current ones on the market.

What is the philosophy at Backdoor Goals?

The philosophy is to provide a unique product at a competitive price with the idea that it’s the better product to serve the customer’s purpose. The products are aimed at being easy to set up, move and store. They are light weight, simple and utilitarian.

Who is behind the everyday production a the company?

That would be me, however I contract out the manufacturing. I started off doing all the metal work and welding, packaging, etc. but it was taking up all my evenings and weekends and I was having a hard time keeping up with sales.

What products do you sell?

My main product is the Laxback rebounder wall. I also have flip up goals, game and practice nets, bungees for the rebounder and goals and a training DVD of wall drills.

What makes your company stand out compared to other companies?

I pride myself in making a competitively priced product that fills the needs of today’s players. When I started out I thought to myself, “What would I want in a goal or rebounder?” I set out to make a product that I could feel completely confident in. I handle all the customer service myself and am not a pushy salesperson. I’m out to please every customer and will stand behind the product to the customer’s satisfaction. Where else can you deal with the owner directly when purchasing goals and rebounders? And if you’re not happy, I’ll either do what it takes to make you happy or I’ll return it. And I can honestly say I haven’t had a return in well over a year. I value word of mouth and recommendations very highly.

Where can our readers buy your products?

They can buy them at or at select retail stores listed on the web site. If your local lacrosse retail store doesn’t carry the Backdoor Goals products, ask them to if you want to buy it locally.

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