Impossible First Wear

Impossible First, also known is IF Wear, was started January 2010 hoping to capture the concept of inspiring individuals to focus on their most “out of the box” dreams and visions. When asked what the name stood for the owner explained, “Impossible First means you are the one to define impossible, not letting impossible define you. IF Wear represents that dream you keep having often, the visions that you mentally see of yourself and all the 'out of the box,” non-traditional ideas of innovation that you possess that may seem impossible to others but partly possible to you.” Well, I'm sold.

The meaning behind the logo, which is what I favor the most about this brand, is a person moving forward to represent working towards your dreams. The figure also is sporting a hat that represents a thinking cap and a backpack which the owner describes as being filled with “all of life's dreams and visions.”

Now, designing the IF Wear brand is not just to benefit the owner and his own dreams, there is a greater objective. Not only will this shirt inspire people of all ages to continue aspiring and to keep dreaming but eventually to develop a non profit foundation, Live Impossible First Foundation. Live Impossible First Foundation will help to educate and equip young adults with tools on how prevent and receive information concerning colon cancer. This foundation is expected to embark fall of 2012.

The shirts are $20 dollars and come in a verity of colors. If you act now till the end of May, buyers will be able to select your own custom colors. If you decide to purchase after May, the color options are black/white, white/black, royal/white, and red/white. The logo can be purchased on a tee, crew neck sweatshirts which are my personal favorite, or hooded sweatshirts. Currently the brand's website is under construction in order to make it the easiest way of purchasing. Till then website is finished products may be purchased at

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