Hopkins 31 Ranagan Hot Glue Dye

I was contacted by Hopkins middie John Ranagan to come up with a fresh dye for him during Hopkins run at the tournament. He was really into the camo style that I did for him previously so I wanted to keep that theme in the new one but add a new element: the White out. So he sent over one of the new STX Surgeon 10 heads and I got to work. The first part was covering the inside of the head and cutting out the Jays and 31 on the inside of the head. Then I had to cover the outside of the head with hot glue to again begin the camo effect. Then came the dye portion of Columbia Blue. (FYI for new dyers go get RIT Evening Blue liquid and only use maybe 1/5th of the of bottle.)

After the Columbia Blue was completed I had to remove the "Y" due to Ranagan wanting to represent his hometown of Yorktown, NY. However before I could dye the Green "Y" I had to hot glue the outside again in order to make sure the Columbia Blue stayed on the head when it came to the Black dye portion. This was where it unfortunately got tricky and minor errors occurred. (New dyer tip: The hot glue in the water softend and covered a couple spots of the Green, very minor.)

After the Green was done I then cut out the King Dyes logo and then dyed the head Black. The final product came out looking really good and Ranagan has already sent his approval.

Hope everyone likes and if you have questions or comments follow me on twitter @49KingDyes and email me at kingdyes49@gmail.com.
***Ranagan wasn't the only one who recently received a hot glue dye. Jeffe Joy from the Australian National team also received one.
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