Hey Bodysuit Man!

George Costanza has nothing on Under Armour.

The Baltimore-based performance apparel company is introducing a new two-piece body suit that they say will help the athlete recover faster from workouts, easing muscle aches and pains.

The Baltimore Sun had a story on the new suit, which has already been tested by athletes. According to the Sun:

Tom Zbikowski, a safety for the Baltimore Ravens, tried the suit several times during last season's football game and said he felt less pain the day after a game or hard training session.

"You definitely feel much better after using it," he said. "You just have a lot less soreness. You just feel much better when you wake up. Usually, it takes five or 10 minutes the day after a game to get out of the bed. You don't want to move at all. It helps in that aspect."

You can read the full article on the Baltimore Sun's Web site.
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