HeadWrapz: West Coast Starz

HeadWrapz has been working very hard as of late, and has put out a tremendous amount of creative and artistic masterpieces.  Well, this one above is nothing short of being on the scale of tremendously priceless.  The West Coast Starz lacrosse team, a select lacrosse team that is elite in my terms, will be blessed in wearing these over this weekend I am told.  I was kind of hoping maybe one of the kids would be disgusted with them and mail one to me, but I don't really see that happening.  Nevertheless, I have a strong inclination that these helmets will be a hit from The Original, HeadWrapz, and will be the talk of the weekend.

West Coast Starz has a strong alumni base, with players going to all tiers of the college ranks to play.  Moreover, the coaching base is even stronger with ex NCAA players and MLL players making up the coaching staff with the likes of: Kyle Harrison, Xander Ritz, Chris Malone, and Craig Hochstadt just to name a few that have coached this team over it's time in play.  The network for this select team is very big, which only helps this team and the players to be better prepared for the future.  Here is one last shot for your enjoymement.

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