HeadWrapz: Syosset Braves Playoff Wrap Swagger

One of the newest, and most wonderful, wraps that HeadWrapz has put out belongs to guys on the Syosset Braves Lacrosse team, which is coached by John Calabria.  This Nassau County team, with their most recent win against Baldwin, is on an emotional high going into their game against Massapequa in the semi-finals.  They lost to them earlier in the season, but with this new wrap from the Original, HeadWrapz, and the new swagger the team is playing with, I have a feeling Massapequa will have their hands full today (5/26).  Nevertheless, this design is flawless, as usual, and implements everything that has to do with the school colors, and obviously their name, the Braves!  Have to mention the Breast Cancer ribbons as well because anyone who is wearing these while playing respect not only loves their moms, but has an overall respect for life in general.  I think I just became a fan for life for these young men!  Now onto the items that matter, and yes ladies and gentle laxers, that means the pictures:

I hope everyone enjoyed all of these pictures because I know a lot of hard work goes into all of these wraps that HeadWrapz does!  Joe has to donate many organs before he starts, give blood, and sacrifice magical fruits only found on the Galapagos islands.  Ok, well, maybe not, but the time and effort put forth by The Original, and ONLY, HeadWrapz is matched by no one, and can obviously be seen in every wrap they put out.  With that said, be sure to always check out there Facebook for any giveaways and just to shoot them a message as Joe, Ron, and even James, enjoy talking to all their fans!  Moreover, don't forget about their Twitter account and website as well! If you ever want to get in touch with me, feel free to email me at josh@umgoblue.com or shoot me a message @TheRealHag on Twitter.
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