HeadWrapz: Marcotte-First Look

Naturally HeadWrapz would present an item that has everything to do with lacrosse, well this helmet does, but it has a tremendous twist on it that even I adore.  Yes I said it, I adore this helmet because I love aircraft, maybe not as much as some people, but when you can get a wrap as detailed as this, it truly makes you respect and admire what the guys over at HeadWrapz are doing.  It goes without saying that some people may try and copy what they do, as with anything in life, someone will want a piece of the action, but can you honestly believe that someone could make something as amazing as this?  I think not.  I think the woman on the helmet would be enough to make me slip n' slide on the freaking field if I was playing attack, as she is pretty appealing.  Nevertheless, the overall theme is flawless and captures the raw nature that the individual who wanted was going for.  In fact, I just can't get over the individual details and colors that go into it, but that's why I enjoy what Joe, Ron, and James put out because they continually one up themselves every once in a while.  Here are a couple more pictures to enjoy to satisfy your hunger for flawless artistic ability:

I wanted to take a little time to ensure I thanked Ron, Joe, and James to ensure they knew how not only grateful I was for what they do, but thank them for creating such a durable product that not only lasts, but allows us, the consumer, to effectively portray who we really are in a unique way.  Many people like to customize items, and customizing helmets, especially in a way that is as spectacular as what HeadWrapz puts out, truly allows the end user to feel that much better about how they play, and even about themselves.  Keep up the great work guys.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to email me josh@umgoblue.com or shoot me a message on Twitter @TheRealHag.
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