HeadWrapz for Team Crystal Head Vodka

HeadWrapz for Team Crystal Head Vodka

LPG would like to introduce you to Team Crystal Head Vodka (CHV). CHV is a new adult club lacrosse team looking to do big things this year and it all starts with their new custom HeadWrapz. HeadWrapz was able to do two versions for them, one is straight metallic silver, the other is a metallic looking HeadWrapz where the Crystal Head Vodka bottle is backlit. Just two looks for the team to go with.

Being able to work with a team like Team Crystal Head Vodka is a blast. They are open to something new, fresh and very cool. These metallic silver helmets are outrageous when on the field. There is truly nothing like this on any field right now. -- HeadWrapz

CHV Society Lacrosse Club, coming to a tournament near you! There are two membership options: full-time or part-time member. This will be one team and experience that you will want to take part in.

Memberships get you:
Custom Headwrapz
Bottle of Crystal Head Vodka
CHV t shirt
CHV polo
Two Crystal Head Shot glasses
Custom shorts
Custom socks
Shooter Shirt
Special invites to CHV private events
and more...

The team will be made up mostly of players from Massachusetts but they will have members from other cities joining them at tournaments. They will play in leagues & tournaments all while building the Crystal Head Vodka Brand, one person at a time. Their website will be launching soon. In the meantime, like their Fan page CHV Society Lacrosse Club on Facebook and tune into tweets on twitter @CHVSocietyLC.

And please remember to contact Kenny@HeadWrapz.com to get your team order in the works or give him a call at 702.475.6412.
Website: HeadWrapz.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HeadWrapz
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