HeadWrapz Design For Checkmate Inn Lacrosse

First thing that comes to mind with this design is the name of the team, Checkmate. It truly is a unique and flawless design, which HeadWrapz has once again dialed in and executed with tremendous precision. For those of you who don’t know about Checkmate Inn Lacrosse, it is a team based out of Suffolk County, Long Island. Moreover, a well-respected veteran, Gregg Giampaolo, runs the team. Now, these are not your normal everyday players. No, some of these guys played at UNC, Hofstra, Virginia, UMass, and even Johns Hopkins, just to name a few. Established in 2002, Checkmate has gone on to make a name for itself, and has wide reaches with it’s alumni, which extend across the United States. In fact, the teams success includes a great showing and triumph in winning the Championship in 2009 at Lake Placid. For more information, be sure to check out their website to admire their swagger: http://www.checkmateinnlacrosse.com.

The following pictures show the other beautiful angles of the Pro7 with the Checkmate HeadWrapz Design, and by the way, this design is even made for the CPV, and CPX. LAX ON!

Now that is one tough chin, take a sip while your playing; water of course!

From weak to sleek!

No thank you, can I have another?


Bottom Line
HeadWrapz is doing big things for lacrosse and while many teams were stressing about how much a multi-color decal would cost, think of the money saved on an entire team order for something this flawless and great looking!

Check out HeadWrapz on Facebook and their website.

Stay tuned because I will have another blog soon about this awesome company!

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