HeadLock Coaches' Kit Review

HeadLock Coaches' Kit Review

Not long ago, I reviewed the HeadLock device, a great little tool that fixes head rattle.  For such a simple tool, it fixes a super annoying problem. The coaches' kit includes ten of these devices as well as a few other things that make the HeadLock even better.


Along with the ten HeadLock devices and ten short screws to go with them, there are several items included in the coaches' pack that are not included with the individual HeadLock.  The first is a small, standard #2 Phillips screwdriver. This screwdriver is the perfect size to just toss in your equipment or coaching bad in case you need to tighten a screw on a stick or maybe make any adjustments to a helmet.


One thing that I mentioned in my review was that if you pushed the headlock a bit too far, it was kind of a pain to re-position the HeadLock. Included in the coaches' kit is an adjustment tool, which is a small metal stick that has a little hook at the end.  This grabs onto the lip of the headlock and easily lets you pull it towards you, adjusting exactly where the HeadLock sits in the shaft.


Another item included in the coaches' kit is some "shim tape".  This small roll of very thin tape is perfect for putting on the outside of the shaft in order to help a head that is too loose fit nicely, farther eliminating rattle and allowing you to fit any head on any shaft (Tip: if the head seems too small for a shaft just heat up the throat for about 15-30 seconds using a hairdryer and it should fit on).  I think this works nicer than standard electric tape or hockey tape since its thinner so you could use just the amount needed, adding layer by layer until its a perfect fit.  Also, being much smaller in width than a standard tape roll, you could put the shim tape evenly on each side of the shaft.

Lastly, the coaches' kit all comes in a convenient box that holds all the parts together and can be slipped into a coaching or equipment bag.


Overall, the HeadLock coaches' kit builds upon the usefulness of the HeadLock device which helps eliminate the annoying head rattling issues that bug any lacrosse player.  The coaches' kit includes everything you need to be able to fix the problem in several lacrosse sticks.
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