Grip ‘N Rip: Will Harrington

Each week Lacrosse Playground will be featuring a different lacrosse athlete as part of our “Grip ‘N Rip” series, where we’ll find out what the best use to fine tune their game. This week we are featuring Towson midfielder and captain, Will Harrington. Check out what this sharpshooter from Baltimore uses to rip rope.

What head do you use?
Because of the change in the head specs for 2010 I have started to use the Warrior Evolution X6. The new heads took a little getting used too, but i don't think that they will have much of an affect on the game at all.

What handle do you use?
Right now I'm using a Warrior Krypto Pro. Even though I break one of these just about every week I love how light they are so I always keep a couple of them taped up in my locker.

Where does your pocket sit/what type of pocket to you prefer?
With these new heads I've moved my pocket up a bit so that it sits at the narrower part of the head. It sits right in the middle of the head and not too deep, I like to be able to get the ball out of my stick quickly.

Who is your stick doctor? Do you string it yourself or have a go-to-teammate/friend?
Michael Brashears. He could work on his swag a little bit, but the kid strings a mean twig. I change it up a little bit after he gets them back to me, but he's got it down.

What kind of mesh do you use (Hard, soft, traditional/leathers, marc , etc.)? Why?
Hard Mesh. I get my own hard mesh from Laxworld because I don't like any of the mesh we get. Laxworld's hard mesh breaks in very quickly, and doesn't change much with the weather.

What is your preferred glove?
Mac Daddy II. It's what we've been wearing the last two years and I can't complain. gloves are gloves.

How much whip does your stick have?
I would say my stick has a decent amount of whip. I like to be able to feel the ball come out when I'm passing and shooting, so I have it strung up so that it hits the plastic a little bit. I feel like this also gives me a little bit extra kick when I shoot the ball.

Anything unique you do to your head or shaft (pocket up-keep, tape jobs, alterations, etc.)?
I tape my stick from the bottom up about 6 inches and then where my hands are when I shoot and pass. I also don't use a butt cap so I start off using tape to make that.

How long do you keep a stick before you get a new one?
I break a whole lot of sticks. I would say I go through at least a shaft a week. Sometimes I'll get one that lasts a couple games, but it's not likely.

What’s most important to you in a stick/what makes a good stick?
You just need to get used to the stick you're using and make sure you have a similar back up. What makes a good stick is a good player, you can't blame problems on the field on your stick. If you think your stick is the problem maybe you need to get on the wall or shoot with it a little more on your own time.
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